University of Edinburgh Business School
CenSE now partner in successful Nordic conference on Public Service Innovation (PUBSIC) in Lillehammer, Norway
November 28, 2017

Director of CenSE, Professor Osborne, provided the first keynote speech, while the second was by Sandy Borins of the University of Toronto.

In conjunction with the Norwegian Research Council and the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, CenSE organised a highly successful conference on public service innovation over 15-17 November 2017. It was attended by almost 100 delegates presenting over 60 papers on public service innovation from around the world (including Japan, the US, Brazil, Canada and Europe).

It follows closely upon two previous PUBSIC conferences on public service innovation organised by CenSE in Shanghai, China (2015) and Budapest, Hungary (2016). Plans are already afoot for 2 further PUBSIC conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Utrecht, the Netherlands. It has also led to the creation of a Nordic Research Network on Public Service Innovation.

The conference included 2 keynotes. The first was by Professor Osborne (CenSE, University of Edinburgh Business School) that explored a value co-creation framework for public service innovation. The second was by Sandy Borins (School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto) and explored the impact of radical populism across the world upon public service innovation trajectories.

Prof Osborne socialising with other delegates

Key topics of discussion included:

  • The ‘dark side’ of public service innovation
  • Performance metrics and evaluating public service innovation
  • Citizen engagement in public service delivery and innovation
  • Leadership and public service innovation
  • Modelling the process of public service innovation
  • Co-production and public service innovation