University of Edinburgh Business School
CenSE launches its work in major European project on value creation in public services – CoVal
February 13, 2018

The project is a partnership between research universities in Europe and key European consultancy partners.

Over the next three years, CenSE will lead an important European H2020 project. It will explore the concept of value creation as a new and powerful way to understand the relationship between public services and citizens and explore how this understanding can transform the provision of public services across Europe.

It is a partnership between leading research universities in Europe (including Edinburgh, Bocconi, and Roskilde) and key European consultancy partners (including PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Lisbon Council).

CenSE is the leading theoretical framework for the project (called CoVal). It will develop the work of its Director Stephen Osborne on Public Service Logic and value creation in public service delivery, and then test this through a combination of case studies across Europe and a unique social experiment. This will then be used to build both policy and practice advice for policy makers and public managers in Europe as well as tools to support it.

CenSE will also be involved in the work package exploring service design approaches across Europe and their implications for value creation and the links between social innovation and value creation. Full information on the project can be found on the CoVal website.