University of Edinburgh Business School


CenSE’s mission is to co-produce and co-create innovative knowledge that will change profoundly how we understand and practice service management.

The Centre for Service Excellence is concerned with the management of services across the private and public sectors – such as accounting and financial services, banking, tourism hospitality and leisure, public services, the arts media and creative sectors, education and health, transport and communication, and retailing. It is committed to driving forward high quality research about service management to achieve a real impact on its practice in both public and private sector services.

CenSE has membership from across the Business School, an Engagement Board to guide and coordinate its engagement with business, government and the third sector, and an International Research Advisory Board that provides the core of its international research partnerships.

At the heart of its work is a commitment to collaborative engagement and co-production between CenSE and service firms and agencies. Its range of engagement activities includes consultancy, mentoring and action research with service businesses and agencies; workshops and seminars; executive education; cutting edge research; and the launch of a flagship MSc in Service Management.

Its research activity is clustered around four themes:

  • Co-production and the co-creation of value in service delivery
  • Innovation and change in service delivery
  • Accountability and leadership in service businesses
  • Transforming service delivery in the twenty-first century

CenSE Director: Professor Stephen P Osborne

CenSE Co-directors: Professor Wendy Loretto & Dr Dahlia El-Manstrly